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5 Cheapest Wi-Fi extenders 2019

Extending your Wi-Fi coverage is always going to be important especially if you have a large home. But if you have a small budget, then you might believe your options are rather limited. Not at all, if you want to cover a pretty small area to begin with, but you really need an extender for the additional room coverage, then cheap Wi-Fi extenders are a very good option. With that in mind, here are some of the best models for you.

Seriud Extender, WiFi Booster WiFi Range Extender Wireless Repeater Internet Extender Wireless Extender Wireless Internet Booster 300Mbps 2.4Ghz Super Easy Setup

Finding a Wi-Fi extender at $10 is extraordinary, and you do get quite a bit of value for the money. They are offering speeds up to 300 Mbps and it’s suitable for homes. On top of that, you are getting a very fast installation process and repeater modes or client modes. The design is great, maybe a bit bulky, but considering the price is well worth the effort.


  • Very affordable
  • Good coverage
  • Fast installation


  • Connectivity can be a bit tricky to maintain
  • It has some provider compatibilities

WiFi Range Extender, ELEGIANT 300Mbps Wireless WiFi Repeater Signal Amplifier Booster Supports Router Mode/Repeater/ Access Point, with High Gain Dual External Antennas and 360 degree WiFi Coverage

ELEGIANT’s unit comes with a 3 in 1 function. It has a router mode, access point and also a repeater mode. They also have up to 300 mbps speed, and the coverage area is very good, it will go through walls as well. The design is classic, you have low radiation levels and it will connect even un the hard to reach areas.


  • Good coverage
  • Built upon powerful hardware
  • Classical design


  • The access point mode is a bit faulty
  • Reaching the support team is difficult

Mini WiFi Repeater, Range Extender Wireless 300Mbps Access Point 2.4GHz AP High Speed Signal Booster with Ethernet Port WiFi Signal Internet (White)

Mini comes with a very impressive repeater and range extension experience. It will help boost the signal very quickly and on top of that it has built in antennas. It’s very compact, dependable and reliable. But the best part is that it also covers multiple wireless standards. You can even use it while traveling with great success.


  • Fast setup
  • High wireless compatibility
  • Small design, great for travels


  • No 5G compatibility
  • Maintaining the connection can be difficult

TP-Link | N300 WiFi Range Extender | Up to 300Mbps | WiFi Extender, Repeater, Wifi Signal Booster, Access Point | Easy Set-Up | External Antennas & Compact Designed Internet Booster (TL-WA855RE)

TL-WA855RE is a very good product when it comes to offering you a very good extension of the original Wi-Fi signal. It comes with 2 external antennas for better range, it keeps the connection stable. Plus, you have universal compatibility, which is very hard to get especially at this price. It’s worth it if you want an affordable range extender.


  • Great for gaming and streaming
  • 2 external antennas
  • Fast setup


  • The company’s support isn’t very fast
  • It might bring in disconnects

WiFi Extender Aigital Wireless Network Superboost WiFi Repeater Mini Router Signal Booster Internet Access Point High Gain with WPS Function Compatible with 802.11b/g/n Standards WiFi Range Amplifier

Aigital’s product has an amazing design. On top of that, you also have some other amazing benefits, such as full signal coverage. Like many other cheap Wi-Fi extenders, this one also has universal compatibility and fast setup as well. The design is stunning and the fact that you can easily customize it will help quite a bit. Plus, there’s a low power consumption and low radiation


  • Repeater, AP and router mode
  • Classic design
  • Universal compatibility
  • Full signal coverage


  • Some customers state that the repeater function is faulty
  • It might not support all internet providers


In the end, all of these are great models that you can go for if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable Wi-Fi extender. These are all amazing products that bring you an astounding value for money. We recommend you to give them a try if you want a really good experience!

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